Variety Review: ‘Phantom Thread’ Orchestral Show Lusciously Reveals Jonny Greenwood’s (and P.T. Anderson’s) Sweet Side

The original score for “Phantom Thread” was recorded with a 60-piece orchestra, but having that number nearly halved to squeeze onto the minimal space in front of the screen at the former United Artists Theatre didn’t result in any notable diminishment. If the lower manpower were a factor in anyone’s hearing, it certainly didn’t hurt that often the score returns to a solo piano — Kathleen Tinker being the featured pianist here, on loan from the London Contemporary Orchestra, Greenwood’s go-to collaborators for his soundtrack recordings. (Conductor Robert Ames and violinist/concertmaster Galya Bisengalieva were also visiting from the LCO, with the bulk of the ensemble rounded out with Americans from the Wordless Music Orchestra.)

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