Don’t Miss The World’s Best Annual Classical Music Festival, The Proms 

The late night Prom 27 (starting at 10pm) was a completely different experience than the earlier Prom, with a different vibe and a younger audience. The Sound of Space Sci-Fi music for film and television was performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra, conducted by Robert Ames. The LCO, as the name suggests, likes to experiment  and has collaborated with Radiohead, Goldfrapp and Steve Reich. Among the ten soundtracks featured in Prom 27 were those for Under the Skin, GravityAlien: Covenant, The Innocents, Interstellar and Arrival. Excerpts from work by Academy and Grammy award winning veteran film composer Hans Zimmer was performed alongside pieces by younger musical geniuses like Mica Levi, while guest appearances from vocalists Lisa Hannigan and EERA was an inspired piece of programming.

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