Interview: London Contemporary Orchestra – reinventing music for film and television

Co-Artistic Directors of the LCO Robert Ames and Hugh Brunt talk about how the orchestra’s new sample library, LCO Strings, is giving composers new worlds of sound to explore

The London Contemporary Orchestra have recently collaborated with Spitfire Audio to create a bold new sample library. I spoke to Robert Ames and Hugh Brunt, the co-Artistic Directors of the LCO, about the project and asked what new vistas of sound are opened up for today’s composers by LCO Strings?

Do you think there is a danger that sample libraries could replace ‘real’ musicians? 

ROBERT: There isn’t really a chance of that happening. You can never beat real players in a great room. The techniques on the LCO library are really the tip of the iceberg. In session we can play with them and find hundreds of variations on each. LCO sessions are very collaborative, the players are always wanting to give more than what is on the page.

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